S.A.V. S.p.A.

Maximize the contribution of Aluminium in a sustainable society

By fostering its activity in the name of sustainability, S.A.V. S.p.A. has adhered to the standard promoted by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (A.S.I.).
S.A.V. S.p.A. Società Alluminio Veneto
A.S.I. - Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

A.S.I. standard represents the worldwide reference point for all the organizations in the aluminium supply chain. The standard defined by Aluminium Stewardship Initiative promotes continuous and measurable improvements in the main environmental, social and governance impacts of the production, use and recycling of aluminium.

S.A.V. S.p.A. Società Alluminio Veneto

This decision taken by S.A.V. S.p.A. is part of the constant path of improvement aimed at guaranteeing a quality product in the continuous search for an even greater sustainability.

S.A.V. S.p.A. Società Alluminio Veneto
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