S.A.V. S.p.A.

We monitor and evaluate every kind of energy consumption

S.A.V. S.p.A. is constantly committed to energy efficiency, as shown by the investments made over the years that allowed us to reduce energy consumption thanks to the design and development of plants for the production of increasingly efficient aluminium alloys.
S.A.V. S.p.A. firmly belives in ongoing need to improve its energy performance, therefore it has adopted a monitoring and assessment system of its energy consumption. In this way, we intend to identify further measures to adopt to allow an increasingly efficient use of energy resources.
S.A.V. S.p.A. Società Alluminio Veneto
ISO 50001 certified Management System

In 2017 S.A.V. S.p.A. decided to invest again in energy efficiency by obtaining a certification according to the ISO 50001 standard of energy management system. The initiative is part of the company's strategic plans to enhance energy consumption reduction in the production of aluminium alloys.

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