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JIS H 2211 and JIS H 5202

JIS H 2211:2010 standard, - Aluminium alloys in ingots for castings is the Japanese standard that specifies the production of aluminium alloys in the shape of ingots for remelting; the standard provides information on the designations, chemical compositions and general quality criteria of the ingots. The Japanese standard JIS H 2211:2010 was developed on the basis of the ISO 17615 standard published in 2007.
JIS H 5202:2010 standard - Aluminium alloy castings is the Japanese standard that provides information on the chemical composition of the castings and on the mechanical properties of separate casting test specimens with reference to chill and sand casting techniques.

  • Standard
  • AC1B.1 ALLOY
  • AC1B.2 ALLOY
  • AC2A.1 ALLOY
  • AC2A.2 ALLOY
  • AC2B.1 ALLOY
  • AC2B.2 ALLOY
  • AC3A.1 ALLOY
  • AC3A.2 ALLOY
  • AC4A.1 ALLOY
  • AC4A.2 ALLOY
  • AC4B.1 ALLOY
  • AC4B.2 ALLOY
  • AC4C.1 ALLOY
  • AC4C.2 ALLOY
  • AC4D.1 ALLOY
  • AC4D.2 ALLOY
  • AC5A.1 ALLOY
  • AC5A.2 ALLOY
  • AC7A.1 ALLOY
  • AC7A.2 ALLOY
  • AC8A.1 ALLOY
  • AC8A.2 ALLOY
  • AC8B.1 ALLOY
  • AC8B.2 ALLOY
  • AC8C.1 ALLOY
  • AC8C.2 ALLOY
  • AC9A.1 ALLOY
  • AC9A.2 ALLOY
  • AC9B.1 ALLOY
  • AC9B.2 ALLOY